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Hi! This is a commissions post! ;w; I'm bad at intros! But please take a look at what I have to offer, and also read the (not so) fine print at the bottom! Thank you!


Homeworlds-era Garrus

Expression Sketches

Margie Fatima, as can be seen in the Xenogears 15th Anniversary Anthology

Female Turian


Femshep and Grunt

Liara T'Soni dressed as Lightning Farron

Icon examples


(all prices are in USD)
Head/Expression shots
(one character only)

Full body
($10 extra for each additional character)

Lineart is more involved than sketches, so they take me a bit longer. Crisper and more refined than sketches.
($15 for each additional character)

Colored Works

Colored works come in two different types:

Works are akin to "Hipster Hawke".
($20 for each additional character)

Works are akin to the "Homeworlds Garrus" picture (a bit more involved than cel-shading)
($25 for each additional character)

Digital Paintings

Works are akin to the Female Turian picture. They are very VERY involved and may take me days to finish, so I'll have to custom price you on them.


$3 per icon.

A set of 15 goes for $30



These prices include original character designs, icon sets, expressions, etc. etc. I don't charge different between fanart and original stuff.

If you intend to use my art for icons, or for your own personal works, or anything of the sort, all I ask is that you give me credit as the artist and NOT claim the actual art for yourself. If you intend on using it for a published work, then we ABSOLUTELY NEED to talk first.

If you feel that the work is inadequate I reserve the right to resell that particular piece in any way I choose (whether it be at cons, or to the highest bidder) and you will NOT receive the full, hi-res copy.

I would also like to take this time to thank you for any and all support you can give me as an artist. You really don't know how much it means to be put to work doing something you love, and I want to thank you for the opportunity, and let you know that the money you spend will not only net you artwork that I'll complete to my utmost ability, but will also be going to a good cause (…and keep me from getting eaten by loan monsters).

UPDATE: After some consideration, I've decided to start allowing DW points as a form of payment as well as through PayPal for those who'd rather not use the latter. Please let me know which payment method you're most comfortable with, and I'll do my very best to accommodate!

Thank you very much!
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Okay so picture it. "Selfie Anakin." Hashtag YOLOs all over the place.

Really, I just want something akin to hipster Hawke, but with this ROTS-looking sadsack. Nothing super involved, simple cocky expressions, typical instagram hipster bullshit*. It's a theme, aww~. Doesn't need any text, smug bullshit speaks for itself. $30 cel shaded, por favor. ♥

(*shitty bro shutter shades not included.)
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WhatEVER, you love it.
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